Jazz Up Your Summer Sandals - Pom Stitch Tassel

In the current climate where upcycling is the new recycling and as we are unable to get out and about to the shops, why not take last years summer sandals and instead of throwing them away, jazz them up!

I have put together a blog below of how to make an old pair of sandals your new favourite wardrobe wear.

Before image - how to jazz up your summer sandals

First thing I did was give my sandals a wash - I used a wet wipe on mine as they aren't machine washable and washed the laces in soapy water, (came out pretty much good as new).

I then cut off the original pom poms that were once upon a time white and beige... (not so much anymore).

I then made 10 pom poms using our small pom pom maker and 5 brightly coloured wools I chose from my yarn stash. Make sure you leave the long strings on your pom poms for later.

Sew pom poms on to your sandals

I then threaded a metal tapestry needle (eye of the needle needs to be big enough for wool) with one of the long threads from the pom pom, starting off sewing down into the sandal so the pom pom sat on top of the shoe.

I then poked the needle back up through the shoe and into the pom pom and then down the other way, in another place on the pom pom to secure. Finally I put the needle back up through the shoe and wrapped the thread around the pom pom once or twice and sewed down back into the sandal to pull the pom pom tight.

I repeated the step above with the other long thread from the pom pom and each time made sure to do a little catch stitch on the inside of the shoe before cutting any excess off.

I did this with all 10 pom poms making sure both shoes matched in the pattern of the coloured pom poms and ta-dah I have myself a new fabulous pair of pom pom summer sandals to wear which cost me £0 to make. 

After image - how to jazz up your summer sandals

Now it's your turn find a pair of summer sandals in your house and jazz them up, you can add other things too such as tassels, ribbon, beads, buttons or anything else in that craft stash. I have put together a Pinterest board of some ideas you could try if you're stuck for inspiration.

Happy Crafting

Emma x

May 01, 2020 — Emma Rendell

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