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Our no hassle art and craft parties are aimed at ages 5 – 11 and involve cutting and sticking.  They are perfect for creative children that enjoy crafting as well as kids that love dressing up.

They can be hosted at our studio venue in Bovey Tracey for no extra charge or we can come and visit you at your home or venue of your choice. 

For each party theme the children will make a costume that they can continue to wear for years to come.  A perfect addition to the fancy dress box.

Upon booking a party with us you will receive personalised digital invitations to send to your child’s friends.   

You will also get a 2 hour craft party (theme of your choosing), a fully insured and DBS checked craft tutor and all materials and equipment provided for making.

Not only do we do the ‘craft’ section of the party but we always do some party games with prizes to be won. 

And… of course not forgetting the arts and craft party bags to take home to continue the crafty fun thereafter. 

We pride ourselves in using high quality materials so we know that the costumes will last.  The whole idea is that they are reusable items and not throw away.  All of the costumes are made out of hard wearing felt.   

We have 10 fabulous party themes to choose from and we wanted to tell you all about them below…


 Pom Stitch Tassel superhero party

  1. Superhero Party

Every Superhero needs a super cape and your child is no different. 

Create your favourite superhero into a cape or why not design your very own superhero? 

The children will choose their favourite colour felt cape (already cut, sewn with Velcro fastening added) from our range of colours. 

They will then come up with a design that they want to put on their cape, we have stencils and templates they can use, or they can design their own from scratch. 

They will cut their designs out of felt and stick onto their capes and then they will decorate with sequins, glitter glue, pom poms, shiny stars and anything else their superhero cape needs!

Once dry the children will be able to wear their superhero cape with proud and test them out.

 Pom Stitch Tassel princess party

  1. Princess Party

If your little Prince or Princess loves fairy tales and all things sparkle and glitter, then this is the party for you.

The children will choose their crown colour based on their favourite Prince or Princess, from Princess Jasmine to Belle there will be a design that every child loves. 

The children will be given lot’s of stencils and templates to cut out of felt from genie lamps to talking candles.  The children will cut these out and stick them onto their crown.

Then time for decorating because no crown is finished without a bit of sparkle! 

The children will then decorate their crowns with sparkles, gems, sequins, glitter glue and pom poms for the top of the crown.

When the crafting is all finished, it’s time to try the crowns on and play a few Princess party games!


  1. Mermaid Party

A fabulous under the sea theme, I mean who really doesn’t love a mermaid?

Each child will make their very own felt mermaid tail.  (Please note they are not waterproof).

The children will be given templates to draw around and cut out of felt, organza, satin and other sparkly and colourful fabrics. 

They will create scales for our mermaid tails so we can blend in under the sea.

Then we will add decorations to catch the light, gems, sequins, felt shapes & finish off with glitter glue of course.

Once the tails have all dried out, it’s time to test them out. 

 Pom Stitch Tassel pirate party

  1. Pirate Party

Ahoy M’hearties, we have a map to follow to find out treasure… but which pirate will get there first?

Start at the beginning of the map and create your own pirate hat, will yours be simple and understated or are you a scary pirate argh?!

Every Pirate needs a right hand man (or bird) to help them sail the seas, create Polly the Pom Pom Parrot to sit on your shoulder.

Now the crafting is done, it’s time to find the treasure!  Who will win the party games and get a prize.

This theme works well in collaboration with our Mermaid Party. 

 Pom Stitch Tassel unicorn party

  1. Unicorn Party

Probably our longest best selling party, unicorns are definitely here to stay!

Create your very own Unicorn Pom Pom Headband in this party theme.

Each child will be given a headband with a horn already attached.  The children will need to draw around the template and cut out the ears to add to the headband. 

They will then learn how to use a pom pom maker and create several brightly coloured pom poms to add to your unicorn horn.

 For the final decorations we will add lot’s of beautiful felt flowers and stars and there may be a spot of glitter to make it even more magical!

Time to try it on and see which is the sparkliest?

Pom Stitch Tassel animal party 

  1. Animal Party

Hey up, we’re going on safari! I hope you’ve brought your binoculars…

Create your own felt animal mask in this party.  Choose from an elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion or monkey.

The children will be given a basic felt mask with elastic already attached.  Once they have chosen their favourite animal, they will cut out all of the templates needed.  They will then place these onto the different coloured felts, draw around and cut out. 

Now time for sticking and putting our mask together and then adding any final details like the lions whiskers and the zebra’s mane.    

There’s only one last thing to do… put the masks on and spot the cheekiest monkey in the tree – hehe!

 Pom Stitch Tassel flamingo party

       7.  Flamingo Party

 Another popular party theme, we’re talking everything pink, feathery and pretty!

Create your own Flamingo mask in this lovely party theme.

The children will be given a basic felt pink mask with elastic already attached.  They will then cut all of the templates out to create the eyes, eyelashes and beak.  They will place these onto coloured felt, draw around, cut out and stick onto their masks.

This is the fun bit… time to cover our flamingos in many feathers!  On this occasion, more really is more. 

We all love a pink flamingo, but what about a blue one, yellow one or a rainbow flamingo?!

Time to try on and see if we can see through all those fluffy feathers.  Then we flamingle!

 Pom Stitch Tassel monster party

  1. Monster Party

Well it wouldn’t be a party if we didn’t get to scare mum or dad a little right?!

In this theme each child creates their own felt Monster mask.

The children will be given a basic felt mask with elastic already attached.  They will have lot’s of templates and stencils to choose from to make their mask their own. 

Will they make a silly monster that’s cross eyed and has a red tongue sticking out or will they make a serious monster to scare their younger sibling!

Lot’s of fun and freedom to be had in this theme… time to put on the mask and SCARE!

Pom Stitch Tassel fairy party 

      9. Fairy Party 

A great theme for a magical garden party.

Every fairy needs a great set of wings to fly and you are no different. Create your own felt fairy wings to wear…

The children will be given a basic set of felt wings with elastic already attached for wearing.  They will have lot’s of stencils and templates to choose from, to cut around, place onto felt and glue onto their wings.

Then it’s time to decorate and really make them sparkle… let’s add glitter, pom poms, sparkles and gems. 

Once the crafting’s all done, it’s time to try the wings on, sprinkle some fairy dust and time to fly…

 pom stitch tassel llama party

  1. Llama Party

Our latest party theme released and perhaps our favourite yet… we are llama obsessed!

Create your own Llama headband in this brightly coloured, joyous party theme.

The children will be given a headband with a pair of ears already attached.  They will then fur to their headband as well lot’s of brightly coloured felt flowers and shapes. 

The children will then learn how to use a pom pom maker and make lot’s of brightly coloured pom poms to adorn their headband.

Lastly we will learn to make some tassels to add to the tops of the llama’s ears, Chile style.

Time to try them on and see who can pin the tail on the llama?!   


If that hasn’t given you enough party theme inspiration we also offer a bespoke party option.  If you have a theme in mind that we haven’t already covered above, we can design an activity just for you!  Get in touch by e-mail or phone to discuss your child’s party.

For larger parties with 12 or more children we do also offer dual party themes, this works quite well for mixed gender parties.  Dual themes we have run in the past are Mermaids & Pirates, Princes & Princesses, Unicorns & Llamas etc.  Have an idea? we can design one just for you!

On top of all this, we have other parties too – don’t forget our Pom Pom parties for ages 5-17 and our Sewing parties for ages 7-17.

For no hassle crafty parties, Pom Stitch Tassel is who you need.

For more information and our availability please get in touch.  To book a Pom Stitch Tassel Arts & Craft Party click here.    

May 10, 2022 — Emma Rendell

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