Create a Tassel Ghost Wand

This October half term we've created a FREE activity that you and your family can enjoy making together. And the best bit?... Most of the materials you can probably find around the house or in your craft box!

You will need:

  • Paper straw or stick that you could collect on a nature walk 
  • White wool
  • Thick cardboard
  • Black felt 
  • Ribbons and trims 
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun/strong glue 

How to make:

Watch our video tutorial here or follow our step by step guide below:

Step by Step Instructions: 

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard approx. 24cm length x 12cm width. 
  2. Hold the end of the white wool onto the cardboard and then wrap around it lengthwise, 35 times.  
  3. Cut off from your wool and tuck in the end into the rest of the wool.  
  4. Holding the wool altogether, pull your wool off your cardboard and lay down onto a flat surface.
  5. Cut a length of white wool, 20 - 30cm approx. in length. 
  6. Place this length of wool underneath your already wrapped wool, in the centre. 
  7. Using the cut length of wool tie a double knot around the pre-wrapped wool. 
  8. Cut the loops of each end on the wrapped wool. 
  9. Comb your tassel ends down together and lay flat onto a surface.
  10. Cut another length of white wool, approx. 15 - 20cm in length.
  11. Wrap this around the tassel, towards the top to create a head of the tassel. Tie a double knot to secure and trim off excess.
  12. Trim your tassel to your desired length and cut off any extra threads.
  13. Glue the end of your paper straw or stick ideally with hot or strong glue.  
  14. Poke the straw/stick up the bottom of the tassel, securing it underneath the head. Careful the wool strands don't stick to the straw/stick. 
  15. Cut some varying lengths of ribbon and trim to add to your wand. If you don't have ribbon or trim, you could use string, twine and even scraps of fabric or felt. 
  16. Glue the straw/stick underneath the tassel.  Stick your lengths of ribbon/trim to this, around the straw.  
  17. Lastly using your black felt, cut out three different sized circles (they don't need to be very accurate) and glue these onto the head of the tassel.

Ta-dah you have made a Tassel Ghost Wand! 

We always love to see and share what you make, please tag us @pomstitchtassel in your creations on Instagram & Facebook, and using #pstmakes.  

October Half Term 

We hope you enjoyed making our October half term craft! If you did, why not check out our in-person workshops. Or if you're a little further away, we have a wide selection of craft kits to purchase online.

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October 21, 2022 — Emma Rendell